Leica + Tri-x & Central Europe

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m fascinated by history and the context it provides for current geopolitics. And few places have been more intriguing to me than Central Europe so I jumped at the chance to tour a handful of cities recently from Warsaw to Budapest with Megan.

It only seemed fitting that I grabbed my favorite camera and the remaining rolls of tri-x from my fridge for the trip. I was lucky enough to stand in front of some pretty amazing history. What was my favorite place? …I’d have to say I felt the strongest connection to Poland.

Hope you enjoy a few frames.

“A history of Europe is a history of Wars,” I was told. World War II is a part of history I don’t really think many people from my generation fully appreciate or understand. I say that because I’ve tried to study a decent amount of it and still find myself at a loss for comprehension of reason and scale. I don’t know that seeing Auschwitz-Birkenau or so many other places ravaged by war helped me understand, either. But undeniably, I came away with something I can’t put my finger on. Here are a few more frames…

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