Advertising shoots for Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Some shoots you go on and never really see how the images end up being used. I finally got a chance to see one of my first advertising shoots in print recently. I shot these images in late 2012 and they were published sometime in 2013.

Up until that time, I was still shooting almost exclusively for newspapers so it was an interesting transitional time for me in my career to say the least. I was incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with a great team on this project, including Bruce and Suzette Moyer as well as Brian Blanco and Chip Litherland- some true professionals to whom I still look up to today. Except for Brian… he’s pretty short.

The shoots consisted of environmental portraits of “friendly faces” in the tourism industry. We even got to photograph inside the new Dali Museum here in St. Pete. What is interesting is that in the grand scheme of things, these images weren’t made that long ago. But when I look through the take I’m already asking myself how I could have done things differently. It’s amazing how your perspective constantly changes.

Here are how some of the images were used when published. Please note that I did not shoot the cover- I’m just including it for context.

Thanks for looking!

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